Tuesday, September 2, 2008

1 down, 13 to go

So my first treatment went off without a hitch. I definitely feel a little strange but not at all how I thought I would feel, still it is early days, still plenty of time for the nausea to take hold.

My nurse was called Alice and she was brilliant, very attentive and reassuring; it was a bit of a madhouse though, because of the holiday, a lot of appointments were stacked up, she tells me it will be much quieter next time.

One worrying development is that my hemoglobin continues to fall; they mentioned that I may need a transfusion soon; I'd rather not.

Anyway, not much else to say, feeling a bit icky now, heading for the couch. I'll pop back later with an update.


Glock 27 said...

I am glad to hear the first treatment went well, i hope the rest are the same. Remember let me know if you need anything, i am just minutes away.


Amandeep said...

What? No graphic descriptions of suffering? No curses spewn to the heavens?

Why do I pay for this blog?...... oh. right..... never mind.

Carry on muchacho.

Mark said...
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Kevin Arnold said...

If you start having nausia problems and the meds don't work, I can hook you up with some alternatives...

Hang in there bro.