Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The day after....

Well the day after yesterday, otherwise it sounds a little too dramatic.

Its been almost 24 hrs since the treatment and normal still seems to hold sway, but normal has some qualifications:

+ I am pretty dizzy but that could be the Hemoglobin count. It manifests as a rocking boat sensation, it is very strange.

+ My hand eye doesn't seem to be what it should, it has taken me some time to write this post!

I'll let you know if anything else materializes.

On a positive note, my Father arrives tomorrow, for a week. I am fully committed to taking him out onto the golf course, even if that means all I do is drive the cart. He loves playing here, the weather is a little more agreeable than the UK.

Kids are back in school and 'seem' to be doing well; Nicky has instituted a mandatory hand sanitizing regime in the house, if you visit expect to be bathed in Purell.

Chin Chin.

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Kevin Arnold said...

So I take it you're hold back on the FPS games for now if typing is problematic. I challenge you to Halo!