Friday, August 29, 2008

Chemo training

Well that was a bit of a shock!!

Nicky and I were expecting a cordial tour of the facility, but instead it was a full on, this is what chemo is and these are the other drugs you will need after each session in order to remain part of the human race. OMG, or as a good friend would say, zomg.

I have started a course of Alugodknowswhatanol in order to protect my kidneys from the impending assault;

Once through the actual treatment, which last 2 1/2 hours, I start a 5 day regimen of anti nausea and anti anxiety medicines which should lead to a slight rattling sound when I move (having driven English cars my whole life, I should be used to that).

To top it off, Nurse Nicky will be trained in the art of sticking Justin in a variety of painful ways as I have to have a daily shot of something called Neupogen, to help my white cell count.

It doesn't sound like much of an existence, but neither is the alternative.

We are in the process of trying to cancel our flights to England, but it seems as though we may have lost that money, which is a little frustrating; you would think that, regardless of what restrictions they place on tickets, there would be some form of dispensation for medical problems. Anyway, we'll see how that plays out.

I am going to sign off and I probably will not be back until after my first treatment; ta ta til then.


Amandeep said...

J - I plan on supporting you by profiteering: I'll buy shares in all the drug companies I can think of. That way you'll know your suffering will be for a good cause. Namely me. See - dontcha feel better already?

Seriously, hang in there pal.

Kevin Arnold said...

Well if anyone I know has been prepped for dealing with chemo its got to be you J. Think of it as the longest day after hanging out with your Army buddies you've ever had...


Here's to hoping you are one of the lucky ones that respond well to chemo.


bollawoman said...

In spite of your constant criticism of my Catholic faith, I have been, and will continue to recite Hail Marys in your honor. This will be done on a regular basis, hope you are not too offended. Additionally, I have many anonymous said Catholics praying for you on a Virgin Mary devotional site. For extra assurance I have my recently converted Mother praying for you at her Episcopal church. Between the Catholic and Protestant Mojo we gotcha covered my good friend. It is also highly likely that the 3rd grade class at our local Catholic school will be praying for my favorite Brit as well.

Jack, the boys and I are rooting for you and your family. We are here if you need us!

Teresa and the Boys 8-)

bollawoman said...

Keep on keeping on.

We all scarfed some chocolate digestive biscuits and Mallow Dreams in your honor oh Supreme Honey Monster.

Let us know if you need some British goods from Long's in Martinez... No Sugar Puffs at Longs as of yet, but will track them down dammit...,

Many, many healing blessings are sent you way...Protestants and Catholics alike are rooting for you whether you like it or not!

Teresa & the Boys