Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Checking the counts

Nicky and I have just returned from the oncologists. They checked my counts and I am relieved to say that my white counts are great and even my hemoglobin is improved. Great news.

I still feel particularly weak, especially in the legs, but that is to be expected.

Everyone continues to be incredibly kind. Nicky had a girls night out on Sunday and was basically prevented from opening her purse at every turn. Thanks ladies, she really appreciated it.

We also have a constant supply of dinners turning up at the house which really relieves some of the day to day rigmarole. The dinners are always delicious and because of the steroids, I am always hungry! Danielle dropped of ribs and corn this afternoon, I can't wait.

Missing work, not that I could contribute much at the moment but I miss my friends and the feeling of being involved. Still, I am enjoying watching the progress they are making, even if from afar.

I have more blood tests on Thursday in readiness for the next chemo, we should get a small measure of how effective the last treatment was, something called a sed-rate, hopefully I'll have more good news for you then. Ta Ta.


Chris P said...


Glad the treatments are going well, and that you
get to see you Father (even if its only a brief visit).


Anonymous said...

J -

Wow, the whole tumor thing sucks. (Sorry, I didn't bother to google for the appropriate Miss Manner's thing to say) I just read through all your posts. I had no idea. I hope the treatment continues to go well. The lobby isn't as much fun to hang out in without your occasional stories, jokes, and colorful language!

- K

Amandeep said...

tumor schmumor - less time between posts or I get worried about your morale!

ok fine. do it your way. glad to hear the reasonable good news....


bollawoman said...

Just for the record, we will continue to tackle Nicky to the ground and treat her like royalty every time she even glances at her purse. It's just what friends do... period. End of discussion.

Glad to hear the positive news and hope you are enjoying your visit with your dad. Jack is off to kill the beasts of Wyoming tomorrow. Will send you pix when they become available.

Take Care,

Teresa and the boys

Alice Altizer said...


You look GREAT! Will continue to pray for a FULL recovery. Hope the meal was edible :) Dave really likes the tetrazzini. God bless you..
Alice & Jackson