Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Neupogen is the racing hounds tackle

I went in for my post chemo blood tests today. My white counts have improved, week on week, by 6 points, apparently the neupogen is working really well. Likewise my hemoglobin is almost normal which is a phenomenal improvement.

There are consequences however, I am suffering from some fairly unpleasant bone and muscle pain. It's a side effect of the neupogen and a small price to pay.

Other than that I am feeling much better than last week, almost human again, another couple of days and I should be fighting fit and ready to take on the next treatment. It's funny, but the treatments seem to sneak up on you, you would think that 15 days between treatments would be a long time but they absolutely define my schedule with the intervening time somehow compressed.

Hopefully, Thursdays blood tests will be likewise positive and I might be able to enjoy some claret this weekend.


Mark said...

Great news, Justin.

Glad to hear of the improvement. Almost deadens the disappointment from Valhalla, doesn't it?

Wales next. We'll bring the Cup.


bollawoman said...

Keep on keeping on.

We all scarfed some chocolate digestive biscuits and Mallow Dreams in your honor oh Supreme Honey Monster.

Let us know if you need some British goods from Long's in Martinez... No Sugar Puffs at Longs as of yet, but will track them down dammit...,

Many, many healing blessings are sent you way...Protestants and Catholics alike are rooting for you whether you like it or not!

Teresa & the Boys