Thursday, September 11, 2008

Counts are up

My latest set of blood tests show both white and hemoglobin counts are climbing which is really good news; no meds for the next couple of days, hooray!

No news on the sed-rate, should get that result on Tuesday, all the signs suggest that it should be lower which would indicate that the treatment is working.

Aside from general weakness I am actually feeling pretty good, this weekend should be relatively normal, of course the next batch of chemo is scheduled for Tuesday next, so it wont last, but even so.

We continue to be fed and watered by our amazing friends, I can't tell you how grateful we are for the sustenance, especially as I am currently eating like a horse, Nicky is going to have me fitted with a nosebag to save on washing up.

Dad went back today, which is very sad, hopefully he can come back for Christmas, the kids may actually demand it.

Nicky says that I am grumpy, which I know I am; I'll do my best to not be but there are only so many episodes of spongebob you can watch before you take on the persona of squidward.


Sarah Hinman said...

Justin--Just keep hanging in there. We'll take care of Nicky so she can take care of you.

Anonymous said...

Hey buddy -- I'm glad to hear there's some good news in your camp lately. And really glad to hear your cadre of friends has rallied around you and your family. It's stuff like this that'll test the mettle of a friendship, and it sounds like your crew's really come through.

Hoping for the best for you man & miss working with you and the guys. Take care & know that we're thinking of you.

And, as always, keep it real!

Al said...


Glad to see things are going a little better. Hope you drive your golf cart with more caution than that ridiculous fiat you used to drive. Warminster to Bath in 17 mins. "Discs all round" was the cry through the stench of burning rubber and Jez's tears.


Godstone-4 said...

Hiya Justin, I have been keeping up with your progress, regularly reading your blog. I was so sorry to learn that your not well and gutted we won't be seeing you in December. Glad that your Dad got over to see you. Always touched by your uplifting and frank messages -pleased to read that your treatments and prognosis are moving along positively. Glad to see that you won't be losing your sense of humor along with your hair. They say bald men are more virile!! Sending you lots of thoughts, love and prayers from this side of the pond. xxx

Tom said...

Here, in the streets, or in competition: a tumor confronts you, it is the enemy. An enemy deserves no mercy. STRIKE FIRST. STRIKE HARD. NO MERCY!

Fight this thing off. We're all pulling for you here to get better. Your family and friends need you.