Monday, September 29, 2008

Cycle 2

Well, tomorrow sees the start of cycle 2. Once the cycle is complete, in addition to the PET scan, I will be meeting with a radiation specialist; I can't say I am very excited about said meeting, I was really hoping to avoid radiation therapy if at all possible, but the bulkiness of my mass is such that it will be required.

Starting to loose my hair, just a little at a time, but it is definitely starting to fall out; another month and I'll be fully Yul Brinner.

So far the chemo does not seem to have damaged my lungs or heart, I will undergo pulmonary function testing in about a month to confirm.

It really is amazing how toxic these drugs are. I remember seeing my mum, just before she died and thinking to myself that she had endured two years of pain and suffering for naught, but I never realized quite how unpleasant it must have been, there's nothing like first hand knowledge. Still my prognosis is so much better than my mums, I just hope I am bearing this illness half as bravely and selflessly as she bore hers.

I'll sign off now and update as soon as the unpleasantness has passed. I'll leave it to you to decide what the unpleasantness is:

A. Side effects of chemo.
B. Watching my already meager retirement account dwindle to nothing at all.
C. Watching Sarah Palin explain foreign policy in hockey mom analogies. (Oooh eer, political, sorry)