Thursday, August 21, 2008

Running on empty today

I am feeling less than robust today, I am very sore from the surgery yesterday and just about every lymph node in my body is showing its displeasure.

I haven't been able to sleep and my chest feels like I have spent 10 hours in the gym benching my own body weight, having never done so before.

I am scheduled to have my echo cardiogram tomorrow and bone marrow biopsy on Monday; I think I might save some vicodin for that special moment.

My oncologist, Dr. Kankapati, told me that we will not have an accurate diagnosis until Monday, but all signs point to Hodgkin's lymphoma or, more usually, Hodgkin's disease. My grovelling around using Google suggests that if we have caught it early enough, the prognosis will be excellent, otherwise, well, less excellent :-).

Slowly but surely the information streams are converging and by Monday I will know what's what and I will share it with you as soon as I am able.

I was feeling particularly sorry for myself today but I received a really nice email from my boss, Greg, and that seems to have lifted my spirits. I really need to have a word with myself about the self pity thing, it really is out of character, not only am I am disappointed in myself but it is the last thing Nicky needs.

Off to rest now.


FinderGuy said...


Hang in there, man. You have a lot of physically and mentally draining stuff going on so a little slack is in order. You are one of the toughest bastards I know, so no worries about getting soft.

Let's hope for the most favorable kind of this most UNfavorable disease.

Good thoughts,

ekipr said...

Hey, cut yourself some slack! Your allowed 2-3 minutes a day of self pity, anything over is self indulgence and deprives the rest of us...

Please reach out if you need anything, team events are way more fun than solo runs... Go against convention and Hug yer family...

With you all the way...


Kevin Arnold said...

OK Justin, maybe now is the time to challenge you to a wrestling match?

Well... maybe not. You'd still take me in a second!

My parents are crossing their fingers for you too as they feel particularly empathetic with what you're going through.

You may want to stick to just 9 holes of golf today, sounds like a full 18 might be a bit much