Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Telling the kids

We spoke to a friend of ours who has strong kung fu in the head game hoobajooba and she advised us to tell the kids as soon as possible.

So, after my blood tests this morning, I sat them both down and gave them a precis of what is happening. Caitlin, bless her sensitive soul, held it together for a couple of seconds then fell into her mums lap, Abbie, true to form, asked if she could go back to the game she had been playing, that's my girl.

Anyway, job done, I'm sure its not the last conversation we'll have but I feel better knowing that they wont hear this from anyone else.

More later.

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FinderGuy said...

Hey Justin,
That had to be terribly difficult, both for you to say and the girls to hear.

A friend's son just recently battled cancer (he was 14 when diagnosed). They set up a web page at and it was a good way to keep friends and such informed.