Sunday, August 17, 2008

Target identified

I met with my thoracic surgeon on Friday, 15 August 2008, Dr. Straznicka.

She was kind enough to show me my CT scan, so I have seen the beast. The mass is approximately 10 * 10 cm and has developed in between my lungs, growing around the major blood vessels that occupy that space, notably the Aorta and Superior vena cava, the mass is squeezing these blood vessels and restricting blood flow which is causing my breathlessness and seemingly permanent headache.

With any luck the biopsy will take place on Wednesday this week and by Friday I will know the gory details. When the biopsy is taken they will also be inserting my VAP, through which my chemo therapy will be injected, so at least I will not have to schedule another appointment.

I have to admit that I am looking forward to being fully in the know; Simply starting the war of attrition with this thing will be a major step forward.


FinderGuy said...

Hi Justin,

I'm glad the insurance people finally came through. That's the last thing you need on top of all this.

Ironic, so many of us weren't sure you actually had a heart ;-)

I let Margot read over my shoulder and she was wondering if they already knew the tumor was malignant and that was why they were inserting the shunt at the same time.

I read that your British ethos doesn't do well with sympathy so I'll just say that, as your friend, I want to help you, Nicky and the girls any way I can. Think of it like making use of your teammates.


The honey monster said...

Hey Pat,

They wont know that full story until pathology comes back from the biopsy but, at least clinically, my oncologist is pretty convinced that it is at least a mild grade lymphoma.

Thanks for your support


Amandeep said...

10 x 10?

Pah! I'll put my money on 600cm x 250cm.


Nick Henzie said...

Hi, Thinking of you and the family. Thanks for all the updates. Nick.

Tom said...

Hopefully, the pathology report will show that the mass isn't really cancer and just accumulated bits of Yiasoo's competitively-priced lamb food product.

Hang in there. Your family needs you and it's boring here without you.

Dave said...

Just wanted to let you know that you've become an internet sensation here at work! Everyone's hitting reload faster than a pedophile at a Hannah Montana fansite.

Thanks for the updates, and get well soon!

Dave P