Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Drum roll please ....

We have just returned from the oncologist, I officially have Type IIB Hodgkins lymphoma; the prognosis is good.

I start ABVD chemotherapy on Tuesday next week, receiving a dose every 14 days for 6 - 8 months depending on progress. I am guaranteed to lose my hair, so for those of you that I do see, I will be sporting the latest in bald-as-a-coot styles; there is no way I am going to let Deep persuade me into on of his jaunty coverings.

Unfortunately I will be immunosuppressed for pretty much the whole time, which is going to affect my interaction with the kids (germ factories) and their ability to invite friends (other germ factories) to the house.

Unfortunately we have also been told that we need to cancel our planned Christmas vacation to England which is very disappointing, actually very demoralizing; but needs must when the devil drives.

I am going to sign off and let this sink in a little bit, I have chemo school tomorrow, when I will learn the ins and outs of the procedure, I'll bore you with that, and any of the thoughts that I have had concerning today's news, then.


Chris P said...


Glad to hear that the prognosis is good.

Perhaps if you are not into Deep's hats, you'd dig
one of these.

Sorry to hear you have to cut out your Christmas plans; that really is a bummer.

FinderGuy said...


I guess it isn't right to say 'Congratulations' on such information but it does sound like better news than could have been.

See if you can get the rest of the AppleTV guys to shave their heads too - that would be cool! I nominate Kevin first :)

Hang tough, mate.

Kelly Hawk said...

Hey, my sister is about to start radiation therapy for her cancer, so I'll probably be sporting a shaved head soon myself.
Hang tough, friend. -- Kelly

Amandeep said...

Yes, heaven forbid a Brit wear something COLORFUL.

My jaunty headcoverings wouldn't WANT you to wear them anyway! So nyeh!


dave said...

Glad to hear the good news. I know the going must be tough, but keep it up. Never forget that you're surrounded by people that care about you.

Oh, and if you want us to shave our heads, I'll need some advance notice -- I'll have to buy a pantsload of suntan lotion, otherwise my head will look like Rudolph's nose.

Glock 27 said...


I am also glad to hear the prognosis is good, who else am I going to beat on the Golf Course.....

Mark/John are 2 easy and you know about Tim. keep your chin up.


JohnA said...


You may want to consider a wig.

This one is nice.

Like Mike, I can't wait to see you out on the golf course, if for no other reason than to watch me beat Mike the next time we play...

Hang in there,


Kevin Arnold said...


I'm down with shaving my head. Deana suggested I leave a small strip of hair down the center and dedicate one side to you and the other to my dad when he starts his chemo!

I also have an Austin Powers wig you can borrow :-)


Hang in there Justin, glad to hear about the good prognosis!


SMR said...


I too am very glad to hear that the prognosis is good!

Remember that you beat the land mine and you will beat this!

My thoughts are with you.