Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Well, Nicky and I met with my oncologist today to review my latest PET scan. I wish I could tell you that I am in remission and that all is well but, as indicated by my climbing SED rate, things are not going as well as planned.

My mass has not responded to the last two cycles and is, in fact, the same size as it was two months ago, 9cm * 9cm. You may recall that after the first two cycles it had reduced significantly.

Dr. Kankipati is going to refer me to Stanford, a lymphoma center of excellence, to determine whether there is any need to adopt an alternative strategy.

I remain, in the main, optimistic that this is simply a bump on the road to recovery but one can not help but entertain some dark thoughts.

One thing I am resolved to do is to simply forget about this until after Christmas, I am determined that this will be the best Christmas ever for the girls and for Nicky.

Happy holidays to you all and a prosperous new year.


FinderGuy said...


Happy Holidays to you, Nicky and the girls. Have a great Christmas and New Year. Best wishes and good thoughts.


Aaron Latta said...

thinking about you and wishing you, your family and Uncle Tony a wonderful Christmas Holiday with one another.

Amandeep said...

Merry Christmas Big Guy!

Anonymous said...

Hey Justin this is just a temporary slow down in recovery. You will kick this thing, one day at a time until you are in remission. Keep focusing on this fact, there is no alternative approach to this right mental attitude. You have accomplished much and you have much more to achieve in life so carry on.

bollawoman said...

We wish you the best Christmas ever. We are celebrating in true Brit style. My mom is making Beef Wellington and Yorkshire pudding. I should start boiling vegetables today so they will be faded and perfectly soggy by Christmas....perfect British fare.

Many MANY blessings.