Thursday, December 4, 2008

Big week next week

Tuesday marks the end of cycle 4, the following Friday I am having my bimonthly PET scan. We are hoping that it reveals that I am in remission which means two more cycles and then radiation. If there are any traces of the enemy then it will likely be another 4 cycles.

The girls are starting to get really excited about Christmas, I have to admit, I am dreading it. I have chemo two days prior which is going to impose a punishing Christmas day. All that wonderful (BRITISH) food and I am going to be sick as a dog.

My dad is arriving in two weeks so hopefully he will be able to keep the kids entertained while I feel sorry for myself.

I'll jot another note after chemo on Tuesday. Till then.


Amandeep said...

J -

Dreading Xmas, is, I believe, allowed under the articles of the "I'm In F$#^%king Chemo" Act of 1838, so I think you're covered.

Hang in there & thanks for keeping us posted.


Given that you described British food as "wonderful", I do have to admit, I'm beginning to fear that you may be suffering from side effects from chemo. Please inform your doctors for my sake.

Tom said...

Hopefully, the only "spotted dick" that you see is Christmas dessert and not a side effect of the drugs...

Good luck and get better.

aunticrisp said...

Enough negatative comments about English food! The Christmas foods are delicious: Roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, delicious desserts.