Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cycle 5 underway

Cycle 5 on the 26th Dec. brought the usual array of symptoms, nothing unexpected, if not unwelcome.

I have received my appointment from the Stanford medical centre, Jan. 5, I am very grateful to get an appointment so soon, with any luck they can shed some light on why the mass is no longer shrinking.

I'll post the results, if any, of said appointment as soon as I can.

Until they, I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and here's hoping for a more prosperous new year for us all.


Amandeep said...

Fingers crossed, J!


dave said...

Glad to hear you got an appointment so soon. I hope you, Nicky, and the girls had a great Christmas.


Chris P said...

Hey J:

It's good to hear that the people at Stanford are able to see you so soon. Hopefully, they'll be able to give you an explanation of what's going on, (and even better) know how to fix it.

Best wishes to you and family for 2009.

Hang in there.

Much love.
Chris & Trudy