Wednesday, December 24, 2008

All quiet on the southern front!

Well, it's Christmas eve, or whatever you choose to call it. Yesterday I suffered the indignity of yet another colonoscopy, and I am happy to report that, other than early signs of diverticulosis I am all clear.

The diverticulosos, a bulge in the colon wall, is often caused by constipation, from which I have suffered as a result of the chemo therapy, all that straining and what not. Happily, most people are able to cope with this problem by maintaining a proper, high fiber, diet, so I am buying shares in Kellogs ---- the makers of All Bran.

Christmas day tomorrow, the girls are so excited, I am really looking forward to watching them unwrap their presents.

Chemo on boxing day so I will post again once I am felling better.


JohnA said...

That's great news, Justin.

So, why did the doctor leave $50 on your nightstand?

Kevin Arnold said...

Merry Xmas from Zihuatanejo Mexico from the Arnolds!

Have a great day Justin, we are thinking of you and your family and send our wishes your way.

Kevin, Deana, Zoe and Kaelie

bollawoman said...

I do not know who this JohnA person is, but brought a big chuckle to this Honey Monster fan.

Buon Natale famiglia Henzie!

Teresa Giamcomo, Giamcoma e Domenico