Monday, January 12, 2009

Great news

Just heard from Stanford. They have determined that I am on track and don't need to change my treatment.

This is a huge relief, the cumulative effects of the treatments are beginning to wear me down so the thought of an additional two months of chemo was not very welcome.

I think I will allow myself a small celebration tonight!!


dave said...

Great to hear! You gave us all the willies with your last post -- don't do that again. =)

Enjoy your celebration.


Kevin Arnold said...

Rock on!

I love hearing good news here Justin (and I know you like posting it!).



Amandeep said...


Amandeep said...
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Amandeep said...


I do believe this calls for a celebratory jaunty head covering!

but really, what doesn't?

FinderGuy said...

Fantastic to hear, Justin. Like others, I was worried by no news but am glad to hear things are on track.

Crack on,

Alastair said...

I am relieved to uncross everything that I had crossed.

Chris said...

Fantastic news! Rock on, man!

Jules said...

Blissfully ignorant on this side of the Atlantic I have just had to read your whole blog in one evening. The rollercoaster you're riding sounds awful but you sound just as I'd expect you to :)
Stuart & I are sending syphilis whether you want it or not and lots of love. Will email directly soon.

Craig S said...

Man, that's great news!