Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just to clear things up

A couple of people have asked, so I thought I would explain why my news from stanford was so welcome.

When I visited stanford, the initial review of my PET/CT and pathology led them to conclude that my tumor had not reduced in size to any significant degree. This is in stark contrast to view that it had reduced by 75%.

The consequence was that my treatment would have to be revised and extended. However, as you have already read, their board concluded that I am actually on schedule.

It goes to show what an imprecise science this is. For a couple of days we were fearing the worst, so we are mightily relieved.

As I approach the start of my sixth and final cycle (YAY) I am starting to reflect on the experience and also the number of people I have met that have not been so lucky. It is a short life in any case but you never know when or why it might be cut short. Cherish every moment, loved one, and friendship, and remember that when you are in your last moments there is a list of things that you are unlikely to utter.

"I wish I had spent more time at work"
"I wish I had done more housework"
"I wish I hadn't spent so much time on the golf course"

I'll sign off with one last thought.

How come the stock price didn't fall when I got sick?


eweu said...

When you got sick, the entire economy tanked! That makes you bigger than SJ.

Amandeep said...

Actually, I believe it went up.

Hell, *I* bought more stock when you got sick :-P


Chris said...

The stock didn't drop when you go t sick because everyone knows that _you're_ a badass mofo who's going to get through this. Seriously, if you can make it through being blown up by a land mine and multiple (3???) motorcycle accidents and god knows what else that I don't even know about, you cultivate higher expectations from the rest of us. ;-)

dave said...

Speaking to points 1 and 3, when you're done with treatment, we should take a day off work and go down to the driving range. You can show me how to swing a club without looking like an epileptic. =)