Wednesday, April 8, 2009

In remission

Well there it is, the only thing you want to hear when you have the big C.

I am officially in remission. My SED rate is ridiculously low (3) and aside from a small mass, which could very well be scar tissue, I am all clear.

I am still taking the prednisone and my face feels and looks about twice its normal, yet still gargantuan size, but it is a small price to pay if it will revive some lung function.

I am hoping to return to work on May 4 (Monday) and am really looking forward to it. Things will definitely have changed when I get back, I will have a new manager and the members of the team, that are still there, will have moved on both in terms of competence and personal development, so it will be interesting to see how I fit into the new dynamic. In the short time I have been away the product (code base) will have changed markedly and it will take me some time to absorb the changes and new development patterns.

I think I will just keep my head down for a couple of months and try and find my place in the grand scheme.

I will not be posting regularly over the next couple of months, reflecting the irregular nature of my treatment going forward. I will however be starting a new blog more focussed on my technology dealings and thoughts. When it becomes active you can find it at


dave said...

"Development patterns" - ha, that's a good one!

Looking forward to having you back.


Amandeep said...

That was your most preposterous post yet.

a) there is no such thing as normal size when discussing your head.

b) "I will just keep my head down for a couple of months" lol

c) you completely neglect the fact that one of your main joys at work is complaining....

sheesh man.



FinderGuy said...

Happy Remission Day!

Glad to be able to say that. Look forward to you back at work, if only for the off-color jokes :)


brianna said...


you and terisa (kelly's sister) are both in remisson!!

Kevin Arnold said...

I'm sure you will find my development patterns haven't changed and will continue to cause you to grind your teeth. Much more dangerous now with your enlarged noggin!



See you in May!


Craig S said...

When are you coming downtown for lunch at the Brit?!

angel said...

Great news Justin! Best wishes on your return to work.
Love, Deanne, Ron and the boys.

Anonymous said...

Premo's in Seattle are throwing a party for you right now! Great to hear, we needed someone positive a$$k!ck3rs on this cancer thing. Really great news, keep up the good work down there, glad to hear the news.

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