Tuesday, March 31, 2009

All done ... bar the shouting

I have officially completed my treatment.

I have a veritable frenzy of appointments over the next couple of weeks to check my oil and top up the washer fluid, so to speak, but I am now officially ramping back up to return to work.

It will take a few weeks for me to put myself back together again but I am hoping to be back at work by beginning of May.

I have to say that I am looking forward to getting amongst it, although the thought of weaving my way through thousands of cagers, all intent on my destruction, is a somewhat terrifying.

I have an appointment with my oncologist next Tuesday, I'll post again then.


dave said...

Let the drinking and shouting commence!

We're all looking forward to having you back at work. It's been entirely too quiet around here.

eweu said...

Cagers? Why the hate, man? You like wearing your leather trousers, don't you? ;-)

God Save the Queen has moved to Fridays. Make a point to join us when you're up to it.


Kevin Arnold said...

Awesome Justin. We're all looking forward to having you back here at work. I'm sure we'll cook up some kind of craziness for you (wait till you see my new nerf chain gun... :)

Amandeep said...



Craig S said...

Glad to hear you're getting back to it, since I am hoping to get an interesting AppleTV software update from your work.

And as eweu said, join us for a pint and some bangers and mash at the Brit some Friday. Hope to see you soon, wherever it may be!