Monday, March 23, 2009

Cough cough

Nicky and I have just returned from the pulmonologist's office.

He thinks that it is too early to say conclusively that the damage to my lungs will be permanent.

For now, I will continue taking prednisone and hope for the best.

Nicky has confirmed that I am, in fact, a miserable bastard, so the steroids are definitely making me irritable.

I also seem to have a somewhat insatiable appetite which is doing nothing for my otherwise svelte, athletic physique. Everything wobbles when I move. With luck I will be able to exercise a little more in the coming weeks and try and counter my ever increasing waist line.

I'll post again when my radiation therapy is complete. Cheers.


FinderGuy said...

Hey Justin,

Hang in there, man. I am sure you have the determination to get back in shape after your treatment. And you have a long way to go to catch up to me, you lightweight ;-)

Hope rad goes fast.
Cheers mate,

Chris said...

Prednisone is a bitch, man. Mood swings, weight gain, I know. I've known a couple people who had to take it, so I don't envy you at all. But I have confidence that you will persevere through this. Stay strong mentally and you'll be back in fighting trim in no time.

Amandeep said...

Hang in there, J!


BrookeandJay said...

Hey cuz,

We so wish we could do something to help.... but know that you are in our thoughts and prayers every day. Please call when you feel like taking the piss out of someone, we're always up for a slagging, and you probably need some new targets.
Love and healthy thoughts,
Brooke, Jay & co.

Kristin Leffler said...

Hey Justin,
I am glad to see you've kept a humorous attitude with all you're going through. If you ever want to drop everything and hang out in the rain come up to Seattle. You'll feel right at home.

Tell the family I said hi!

Take Care,
Kristin (Cris, Sam, Cameron and Zoe)

Jordan said...

Tamara and I are keeping you in our thoughts...perhaps a riveting game of foosball (the 'snake') is the perfect exercise right now!