Monday, February 23, 2009

PET Scan

So, just got back from the oncologist where we reviewed the results of my latest PET scan.

Not much has changed. There is still no sign of activity in my neck/chest/abdomen, but the mass remains. There is also some evidence of a problem with my lungs but we are not sure whether this is the result of bleomycin toxicity or just something that will eventually resolve itself. Another pulmonary function test will be scheduled to check the actual lung function so we can at least rule out bleomycin toxicity.

Needless to say I wanted a definitive and positive result and although my Doctor, the very capable and patient Dr. Kankipati remains positive about my prognosis, I still feel somewhat in limbo.

Radiation starts next week and that may yet shrink the mass, perhaps not. It may be something that I just need to accept will always be there, a trophy if you will :-)

I'll post again as soon as I determine what super powers I have developed from being irradiated daily. Knowing my luck I will become the Spleen; "Weapons check, pull my finger".


FinderGuy said...

Hey J-man,

I hope the rad therapy goes by quickly for you. Make sure you get enough rest as it makes you very tired.

Cheering for you and the family,

dave said...

Everyone here's thinking of you and Nicky and the kids. We're all hoping the radiation treatment goes well.

After seeing you a few weeks ago, we couldn't help but wonder if your head's gotten bigger, but it could just be the shaved head. =)

By the way, if the tumor ends up going away, we can arrange for a proper trophy in its stead. Perhaps a golden statuette of a hairless Justin head-butting a tumor, or something else appropriate.

"That's a virtual planetoid! Has its own weather system!"

Amandeep said...

Head! Paper! Now!

i like it.

Seriously J - sorry for all the uncertainty you're facing, that always makes me crazy, so I can only imagine... but keep your chin up man - you're fighting hard & doing well!