Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Like porridge

Apparently my blood is not thinning as effectively as they would like, my warafarin does has been upped to 10MG and the daily shots continue.

The clot is causing some discomfort in my shoulder that makes normal day to day activities quite painful, driving for instance. Vicodin is effective in addressing the pain but somewhat incapacitating.

Hopefully, the dosage will stabilize soon and the clot will dissipate.

British Airways has issued a voucher for future travel for the full amount of our tickets. It would have been nice to get the money back but at least we didn't loose it all. As to whether the voucher will cover the cost of flights, when and if we take them, depends on a multitude of economic factors, most of which I do not understand. It seems that most of the economic intelligentsia don't understand either so I am in good company.

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