Thursday, November 6, 2008

Don't any of you bastages laugh

Went to see the surgeon concerning my butt lump.

The general consensus of opinion is that it is 'not' a tumor, but something called a fistula.

I know, I know, it sounds like I have been participating in jolly naughty botty pranks, but the reality is that it has probably been there since my clumsiness in Bosnia; my butt was pretty much peppered by the mine and the military doctors told me they could not get all the shrapnel out of my body, although it would probably work its way out eventually, I guess this piece has been stuck for some time.

The plan is to wait until my chemo is complete and then remove the lump in a minor surgical procedure, something else to look forward to.


FinderGuy said...

Hi Justin,

Good news that "it is not a tumor!"

However, I would be remiss unless I pointed out the chuckles that come from you saying you have a "fistula in your bum". :-)

Be well,

Chris said...

Humorous entendres aside, I am glad to hear it's just a random piece of wandering hardware.

Kevin Arnold said...

I always knew you were a hard ass...


Good news though!


Craig S said...

Another pain in the ass.